Smart Playtherapy Trainings

Play therapy trainings are offered throughout the year.  Our trainings aim to form knowledgeable  professionals.  Play is a way to express feelings, thoughts and perception of the world in general.  Play-therapy is a fun way to work on emotional problems.  Play therapy might be the preferred method for children and adolescents to work on emotional issues. It is a safe, non-threatening way to release uncomfortable feelings, overcome trauma and learn a wide range of skills.  Through play-therapy children and adolescents find resolutions to their emotional issues as well as learn cognitive, social and emotional skills.  Play-therapy is useful not only for children but also for adults and seniors.  Everybody plays, even adults who usually play baoardgames, cards, bridge etc.  Play therapy is really useful when conventional psychotherapy fails.  Clients that have difficulties expressing feelings and thoughts, talking about difficult situations or lack expressive skills benefit from this approach.  In general pla- therapy brings fun and lightness to any sesssion with any client.  It is the creativity and positive mood of the therapist that changes the mood in the therapy session.  The therapist has the power to bring creativity and professionalism to help the clients reach their upmost personal development and well being.  Through our play therapy training professionals and parents gain an understanding of the foundations of playtherapy and learn a wide range of strategies that facilitate reaching out to others.

Smart Play therapy Workshop

Small group workshops of 12-15 people. This small group approach facilitates learning.  Participants have the oportunity to learn in a warmth environment where they have the oportunity to address their concerns and questions.


1. Understand how Play therapy can help children, adolescents and adults to reach inner healing.

2. Learn different Playtherapy modalities.

3.Use Play therapy techniques to address the most common emotional difficulties in children,  and adolescents.

4. Playtherapy strategies for adults and seniors.

5. You will be able to do playtherapy assessments, interventions and recording.


Julia Johnson, MA, LPC, US Certified Playtherapist, - more than  18 years experience of playtherapy.  For more information please visit  "About us" page.





Registration fee- $175 Introductory fee 

(Regular fee $225)

Space is limited, please call in advance for availability if you want to register at the door.

Registration by mail, e-mail and/or phone.

E-Mail- sent/scan your registration form to:


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Play-Therapy for difficult adolescents


1. Learn to understand the needs of difficult adolescents.

2. Assessment-Reaching out to difficult adolescents.

3. Playtherapy strategies to bridge out to difficult adolescents.

4. Play therapy interventions that work with difficult adolescents. Interventions that will teach adolescents to build lacking skills- social, emotional and cognitive.






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